Why hire a family photographer?


Why pay for a professional photographer when you can take as many photos and record as many videos as you want, with your phone, right? Not quite. While phone snaps are wonderful moments, they don’t include one important element - YOU. You are not in the picture, having fun with your lovely family. A professional photographer can capture your family’s legacy as a whole. These are special photos that you’ll want to share, print and hang all around your house.

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How many pictures will we receive?

This depends on the type of session you’ve booked. Usually, you’ll receive an online gallery with somewhere between 40-100 photos for family portraits. These will be edited and delivered to you within 2-4 weeks.

What’s the best time to have a portrait session?

If it works for your family I always try to capture portraits during the golden hour around sunset and first thing in the morning before the light gets too bright.

How should we dress for our family session?

Depending on your session type and theme, we’ll discuss some ideas for outfits and colors. Generally I recommend sticking with neutrals, pastels, creams and whites. They are classic and flattering.

We don’t feel very confident in front of the camera, is that ok?

Of course, no need to worry about that. Most people feel a bit anxious around the camera, and that’s completely normal. We’re not used to having a professional camera pointing at us all the time.

I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve that will help you and your family loosen up, feel relaxed and completely forget about the camera. You’ll be you, and I’ll be capturing your lovely family time.

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